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Complete DHr & HG Sixth years at Hogwarts are now required to take a parenting class, what fun!Hermione, Draco, and Harry are paired up in which they'll trade off being children.With a soft cry, Draco flung himself into Harry's arms, the older boy's eyes widening in surprise. n.n Although Harry and Ginny might still be able to sneak in when Mione is a kid. Cautiously, Harry wrapped his arms about Draco and rocked him slowly, feeling the boy tighten his grasp on his robes."I don't like the thunder," Draco whispered, burying his head against Harry's chest. The rest of your school's drama club was and so was I! Then again, dunno if Harry will have any time for that sort of thing XD I get to use a loaf of bread!

Retreating from the doorway, she hastily went to Harry's and entered, freezing in her tracks. ""I thought you would hurt me," he mumbled into Harry's shirt. I will never, ever, hurt you or make you feel scared, all right? "If it makes you feel better, you could instead tell Hermione and she'd hit me for you."Draco chewed on his lower lip before giving a slow nod. "The window isn't as big there and you won't see as much of the storm."The Slytherin murmured a soft yes and Harry scooped the child into his arms like he'd seen Hermione do many times. "Father and Mother wouldn't like it at all if someone we didn't know came in.""It's a story, Draco," laughed Harry. " Draco nodded and leaned closer to the book, Harry's wand illuminating the pages. Entering the room next to the kitchen, the imp sat down in a gigantic arm chair. Picking himself out of it, the imp sat down in the rocking chair. Settling himself in the smallest chair the imp smiled. '""I would have taken the rocking chair," Draco declared."The armchair was more to my liking," Harry argued. Making his way out of it, the imp climbed into the middle sized bed. "And they all lived happily ever after," he finished, though he had no clue if that was the actual ending. "Ginny told me you cared about me..I'm glad I listened to her."Tears pricked at Harry's eyes and he blinked them away furiously. Holding out his hand, Harry gave it a gentle shake. He now understood why his friend preferred to carry Draco rather then let the child walk..had a warm, comfortable weight that made him feel good inside. "But if that's what the imp wanted we'll leave it at that... 'I need to go lie down,' he decided, getting out of the chair and making his way upstairs. Climbing into the first one the imp sank into the mattress. Setting the book on the nightstand, Harry placed his glasses on top of it and then eased Draco so his head lay on one of the pillows. As he was almost asleep a knocking sounded on the front door." Harry knocked his hand three times on the windowsill, devilish grin on his face."Thinking it was a traveler caught in the rain the old man went to let them in. Forgetting the whole matter he went back to his chair and opened up the newspaper. " demanded the stern voice of Professor Mc Gonagall."It's only Mc Gonagall," Harry breathed, quickly crossing the room and shoving the portrait open."About time," the transfiguration professor sniffed. ""W-we could," Hermione exhaled, trying to calm her racing heartbeat. " she asked, Mc Gonagall handing Harry a candle."All of the portraits went dead," the teacher snorted. He probably won't be as changed as Draco will be (I think he's going to be changed the most) but I still can't wait! Minutes later, the knocking sounded again." Once more Harry rapped his knuckles slowly."And once again, the old man went to the door only to find nothing. "The storm outside took away their operating power..worst storm Professor Dumbledore says to hit the castle in over fifty years! " Harry questioned."Yes, and I also require Miss Granger.

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Professor Dumbledore is worried that flames might spread if the wind blows the right way. " Hermione cried, throwing a nervous look over her shoulder at the closed bedroom door. Another loud burst of thunder made the floor beneath the teenager's feet visibly shake. Pushing the door open, Harry was glad to see the boy curled up in his bed and he turned to go. crazee Thanx I try to keep everything interesting and kind of funny.

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